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Loughborough Soar Angling Society was formed in 1865 and controls a wide variety of river and canal fisheries between Barrow Upon Soar and Kegworth in Leicestershire. Wether you wish to catch a net of fish or target a specimen of a particular species we have a venue to suit you.

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Barbel are present throughout the societies waters though The Osiers and Abbey Meadow are probably the most popular stretches, specimens into double figures are relatively common and fish in excess of 14lb's have been caught.


Particularly numerous aound The Bomb Hole, Toon's island and at Sutton Bonnington on the river and throughout Loughborough canal.


At one time heavily populating particular areas of river the carp are now much more widely spread and small groups of fish could be found almost anywhere, fish in excess of 25lb's have been caught though it can take time and effort to locate the species.


Most numerous on the natural river and averaging 3 to 4lbs in weight with fish in excess of 5lb's becoming more common each year and a confirmed specimen of 6lb's having been caught in 2011.


Virtually unfished for by the majority of anglers and so the potential is un-tapped, specimens in excess of 3lb's have been caught and 2lb+ fish are present in good numbers.


Fish into double figures possible on all fisheries with rumours of 20lb + specimens caught in the past.


Very much a neglected species apart from in matches but stocks do appear to be on the increase and the angler willing to pioneer could find a bumper catch is on the cards.


Can often turn up in catches in the Soar lane area and also on Loughborough canal towards the Soar mouth.


The species is now present along the entire river and canal system and fish to 12lbs have been taken although the average is more in the region of 5lb's in weight.